Checking Your Tire Tread

Checking your tire tread at home can be easy, all you need is a traditional Canadian twenty-five cent coin! Insert the coin into the tire's groove, placing the caribou's nose down. If you can see the top of the caribou's nose, then your tire's tread depth is less than 6/32 in. Compare your results to the chart below to see if you have tires with remaining tread life, if you should think about replacing your tires soon, or if you should talk to Rebecca, the Tire & Accessory Specialist at Roblin Ford, about replacing your tires immediately.

It's also good practice to inspect your tires regularly for uneven tread wear. Take note of any similarities you see between the tire tread wear patterns on your own tires compared to the diagram below. Uneven tread wear can often be indicative of other vehicle issues such as, worn suspension parts or misalignment, which can lead to more serious issues if not caught.

Inspect your tires often to keep you safe and on the road!