The Importance of Brake Maintenance

Proper maintenance of your vehicle helps everyone arrive at their destination safely. The regular inspection and maintenance of your vehicle’s braking system is a very critical part of proper vehicle maintenance. The brake pads and the brake discs are responsible for creating the resistance needed to stop your wheels from spinning, in turn creating friction between your tires and the road and bringing your vehicle to a stop. Because of the resistance that brake pads and brake discs supply, these components slowly begin to wear every time the brake pedal is pushed.

Things to watch out for:
– Squeaking noise. This noise could be caused by friction from the brake lining.
– Grinding noise. This noise could mean that your brake pads are worn.
– The vehicle is pulling to one side when you are braking. This could be happening because of worn or uneven brake linings or damage to a brake line.
– The brake pedal sinks to the floor when the vehicle is stopped or you need to pump the brakes in order to make a full stop. There could be a leak in the brake system or air in the brake lines causing these issues.
– The vehicle vibrates when you come to a gradual stop. The brake pads and brake discs could be deteriorating.

If you notice any of these issues, make sure to book an appointment at Roblin Ford and we will make sure to get you back on the road quickly while making sure your vehicle is safe.