Why Invest in Winter Tires?

Living in the Parkland can mean that our winters can be pretty harsh. From a light snowfall to a treacherous blizzard, we have seen it all… and it can change in a matter of minutes. Making sure your vehicle is ready for our long winters by being equipped with a set of winter tires can not only ensure the safety of your passengers and yourself, but also everyone you pass on the road.

Winter tires aren’t just for snow and ice, in fact, they outperform all-season tires in cold weather even without the snow and ice. Their superior tread pattern and soft rubber make help them grip the road when the temperature drops, but also makes them wear rapidly when the temperature climbs back up. Winter tires are specifically designed for temperatures below 7 °C so it’s important to change back to summer or all-season tires in the warmer months to prolong the life of your winter tires.

Having a four-wheel or all-wheel drive vehicle will help you go through rough winter driving conditions, but it won’t help you stop in them. Stopping on a slippery surface is almost entirely possible because of the traction provided by your tires.

Winter tires can be expensive. One major deterrent for customers is the price of owning two sets of tires and possibly two sets of rims. From another perspective, owning two sets of tires dedicated to specific seasons will actually cut down on wear and tear. Instead of replacing one set of tires more often, you will already own two sets, therefore prolonging your next tire purchase.